Front Skid Plate

The Value of Using Toyota Front Skid Plate Genuine Parts

You love to crawl over the rocks. Unfortunately, those rocks love to chew up the underbelly of your truck. Help protect expensive drivetrain components with this aluminum front skid plate.

  • Helps protect vehicle underbody from damage that can result from flying stones, branches, ice chunks and other types of road debris
  • Made from stamped and formed 1/8-inch-thick powder-coated aluminum
  • Cooling system, maintenance and vehicle tow hook openings still accessible


    Brand Toyota Genuine
    Previous Version(s) PT212-35051;PT212-35050;PT212-35050;PT212-35050;PT212-35050;PT212-35051;PT212-35051;PT212-35050;PT212-35050;PT212-35050;PT212-35050;PT212-35051;PT212-35050;PT212-35051;PT212-35051;PT212-35051;PT212-35050;PT212-35051;PT212-35050;PT212-35051;PT212-35050;PT212-35051;PT212-35051;PT212-35051;PT212-35051;PT212-35050;PT212-35051;PT212-35050;PT212-35050;PT212-35051;PT212-35050;PT212-35051;PT212-35050;PT212-35051 More
    POSITION Front
    Part Number PT212-35075

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