Carpet Trunk Mat

The Importance of Utilizing Toyota Carpet Trunk Mat Genuine Parts

No matter what you toss in your trunk, a carpet trunk mat will help protect this area from premature wear and stains. The mat is made from durable nylon that resists fading.

Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT206-03128-25;PT206-03128-25;PT206-03128-25;PT206-03128-25;PT206-03128-25;PT206-03128-25;PT206-03128-25;PT206-03128-25;PT206-03128-25;PT206-03128-25;PT206-03128-25;PT206-03128-25;PT206-03128-25;PT206-03128-25;PT206-03128-25;PT206-03128-25 More
Part Number PT926-03128-25

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